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the king's bath

Located in the City of Bath, England. The King’s Bath was built in the 12th century
and was used for bathing into the middle of the 20th century.

B&W conversion here.


EG Wow

AH! To be a king...or queen. :)

Carolyn Ford

That was one of my favorite places to visit when I was in England so many years ago. Your capture is a beauty!

Sylvia K

Fantastic capture, marvelous reflections,Dave, as always! And what a beautiful place -- definitely my kind of "bath"! Ah, yes! To be a king or queen! Great post for the day! Enjoy your weekend!



A beautiful photo Dave! Just magnificent.

Cezar and Léia

wow this place is very interesting, thanks for sharing!The green water is magnificent!
I would love to visit there some day,
Léia :)


Wouah ! Quel lieu étrange ... Une bien belle photo, un peu angoissante. Très réussi !


What a place. Can you just imagine it when it was all shiny and new?

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Did you check to see if it had soap scum around the sides? LOL! I'm in a weird mood today. Anyway, no surprise that this is another great image. I much prefer the color one because of the. . . well, color. Oh, let me translate that for you - I much prefer the colour image because of the. . . well, colour. Have a wonderful weekend.


ooooohhh oooohhh is what i am saying, on this one i prefer the color version! the color of the water with the colors of the walls.ummmmm ummmm more than like this one.
I am think of saying Wouah! got that from Gini comment and am thinking i am saying WOW in french? thanks scott for explaining why i like the color. I think


Nice reflection & I like the b&w too


Green water wiht reflections, beatiful picture.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond

This photo has an antique quality to it which is not surprising considering the subject. Great color tones...


great processing.. very interesting place..


all these wonderful warm, rusty, earthy tones!!


Beautiful photo! I had only read about Bath and its attractions. Your picture is better than my imagination!


What a grand building. Your photo is fabulous

Oakland Daily Photo

This is a really interesting image of the baths. Kind of a goth feel if you know what I mean. Is this an HDR image?

Lisa RedWillow

This is amazing.. Just amazing. Love it.
Fabulous work.


Bath... I remember visiting this town, where I've been hosted by an English family during a linguistic trip... The town is really beautiful, and the particular colours on your pic enlight this very place... Nice shot !

Pagan Sphinx

That is some bathtub! :-) What an amazing photograph you captured here. Well done!



Beautiful architecture here. The bottom of this "basin" must be painted green?


Beautiful! It's like traveling back in time.

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