I am a 42-year old husband and father. I was an avid computer gamer and DOF, F-stops and the like were foreign to me until my wife introduced me to photography.

I began shooting during the latter part of March 2010 and quickly became addicted to it. I started this blog to share my journey and to learn along the way. Special thanks to my wife Eng who encouraged me and to all my friends in Blogosphere who shared their knowledge and taught me to further this craft.

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What a lovely composition.


I presume it is ploughed land. Why did they leave that area with trees?


a photo that has become a painting!


Where's that beautiful place? Did you "catch" the storm or there wasn't any? Very impressive!


I can't decide what i like best about the photo, the color of that red truck just pop out, but I love the stormy looking clouds to. it is a very beautiful photo and looks like a very expensive painting.


~to the roads less traveled...such an exquisite place to be...pure magic what you create...l♥ve it...warm wishes and brightest blessings~


Check out that sky... & what an awesome play of shadows cast across the field! Nice, very nice!


This one is almost too good to be true. All the perfect elements falling into place. Great job.


This has a Normal Rockwell quality to it. (Or would if you'd shot it in the US at least.) I had the same reaction as helenmac... it does look like a painting!


this is so surreal!!
I lost for words!


The farmer left the green patch to be used for meditation, perhaps? ;-P


Incredible colours, and the caravan of course is the stroke of genious.

EG Wow

Love the countryside. That could be here. :)

Sylvia K

And a stunning world it is as always! And, as always, I'm reminded of a painting! Brilliant colors, dramatic skies! Fantastic! Have a great week!



Spectacular composition.

Photo Cache

and yeah the automobile just had to be red to complete the composition.



wow, what a wonderful view ... the clouds ... the grass ... looks so deep in wonderful light ... the tiniest thing making a shadow ... I love it ... greetings from kri

aka Penelope

This photograph so clearly shows the wonderland that is our planet!


I love that some farmers leave a copse in the fields for various reasons. It just makes one wonder. I love the colours in this shot. Nice one.


An oasis in the fields.


Lovely! Superb capture. Reminds me of what I saw on my latest bike trip. Only the crops are collected now in this side of the world.


I think this is one of the nicest pictures I've seen! :) That is so impressive!


Golly what a ripper of a photograph! The red car is inspired and you caught it just so which gives the image great 'movement'. I also like the light you have captured which seems to hightlight the parcel of trees. What a gem that thundery sky was for you and you took full advantage of it. I admire this image so very much.


I agree with all the comments, this is superb. The beautiful pastoral scene, the stormy skies, the bright caravan, even the power lines in the background, all combine to make this a first-rate photograph.


Came over from Scott's blog wher he featured you. Have looked through many of your photos,very nice pictures,expecially likke your macro's.

Sallie (FullTime-Life)

Your picture fairly jumps off the page Dave! Just beautiful.


Gorgeous colors! I really like the row-upon-row of clouds and the jewel green shrubbery in the golden field. Oh, and the red vehicle! This looks like a painting. Wonderful shot.


amazing landscape and the colors are so vibrant.


A work of art! Countryside at its best. Just stunning!


tres belle photo et traitement, bravo


Your world always manages to look amazing.


Are you a travelin' man?


Incredible David!!
Your images are magical.


Thanks for the comment re Eng. I did so much want to tell her in person how wonderful her photos are and how much inspiration they give to me! Again, to repeat, you're the bomb! I hope you have that expression in the UK and can appreciate it!

T. Becque

Wow - that's all I can say.


Not bad. Hehe. Love the red car with the caravan. Immediately puts you in holiday mood and for some reason reminds me of the fifties. And I was born in the sixties. Go figure. What a photo can do ;-)


Amazing, Dave! Love the depth and the composition. The puncture of that red car creates a different scene altogether! :)

Mark Kreider

Wonderful photography! It looks a bit like Photomatix processing which I'm experimenting with. Very nice work how ever you attained the result... bravo!

Birgitta "foto CHIP"

Dramatic sky but I like the round forms in clouds and trees - even the vehicles :)
It is interesting to experience pictures :)

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