I am a 42-year old husband and father. I was an avid computer gamer and DOF, F-stops and the like were foreign to me until my wife introduced me to photography.

I began shooting during the latter part of March 2010 and quickly became addicted to it. I started this blog to share my journey and to learn along the way. Special thanks to my wife Eng who encouraged me and to all my friends in Blogosphere who shared their knowledge and taught me to further this craft.

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beach huts



This is just amazing! The colors are gorgeous. A perfect composition and would be fabulous framed...


cool... those shacks look like tiny boxes. and they provided a line dividing the green grass and blue sky. nice composition.


What a fabulous shot...such brilliant colours.


Stunning colours! I love it! And what a great composition!♥


That's a postcard I would send all over the world. Marvellous.


Those clouds are rockin'. Superb shot!


wow, you caught the atmosphere in a perfect manner! I would love to stroll around there with some loved ones, to have a nice bbq etc. ... sorry, things like that do not exist in Austria ... greetings from kri


I love those British beach huts. Just this morning there was a story about them on BBC Breakfast. All those wonderful colours and happy people who are lucky enough to own one can do nothing else but make you smile.
Love the colours in your photo. Stunning.


You chose the perfect moment of the day for a stronger impact!... I think that the people who chose the colours for the huts had the eye of a photographer, hadn't they?...:)


What a fantastic photo! :)


WoW! Sooo very colorful & beautiful!!!


There's something about the "Crayola" quality in the colors of the huts that I find enchanting. Maybe it's the simplicity of them. Whatever it is I like it!


Never seen anything like this with my eyes but I have seen such fabulous photos of these colorful huts.


How beautiful. I would love this on my bedroom wall.

Gallery Juana

super cool colors and landscape. the huts seem like they are from another world.


Thats a colorful and interesting world!:-) Great photo.
Ps: My "pain" photo is 2 pictures put together. The pictures were taken with the wrong settings, but I think they were cool anyway.
Wish you a happy day:-)

EG Wow

Colourful shot! I have never seen beach huts except in photos on British blogs. :)

Photo Cache

Could be skywatch post too. Bee-you-tee-ful!!!!



Brilliant capture as are the colours!

BraCom (Bram)

Stunning colors, very spiela blue sky

Regards, Bram

Seen on My World Tuesday


The beach huts make for a colorful photo, very nice Dave!

Sylvia K

Fantastic capture as always, Dave! Love the colorful beach huts and what a fantastic sky! Have a great week!



Such eloquent colours! Love the beach huts.


Psychedelic colors, whoopee!


Whoa! Wonderful capture.


Are those changing sheds at the beach? I saw some like these on British TV.

Lisergic Synaesthesiae

Superb photograph.
Great subject and perfect composition.


WOW! Such vivid colors!

A friend just directed me to your blog. I will definitely become a follower!

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