I am a 42-year old husband and father. I was an avid computer gamer and DOF, F-stops and the like were foreign to me until my wife introduced me to photography.

I began shooting during the latter part of March 2010 and quickly became addicted to it. I started this blog to share my journey and to learn along the way. Special thanks to my wife Eng who encouraged me and to all my friends in Blogosphere who shared their knowledge and taught me to further this craft.

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Have seen a bit of this part of London but it is so different through your lens.


A little bit surrealistic. You love clouds, don't you?:)


Wow, this is London? Shows what little I know. Beautiful, Mr. Dave.


Looks a little science fiction :) Very nice!


Science fiction indeed. I thought I saw the Tardis land behind that tree on the left ;-) Again a 'golden glow'? I do like it!


Where did you find this?? It looks right out of the Sci-fi Channel! Awesome!

Stacey Dawn

Gorgeous image - and to quote Rebecca "so futuristic!"


really great as always ... the light ist wonderful ... modelling the shapes of shadows ... greetings from kri


Great picture !
Also quote Rebecca "so futuristic"
Have a nice sunday :)


i believe i have a lot of things to learn from you and Eng on post-processing. i always love the effects. what software are you using currently?

T. Becque

What a building! This photo glows - it's beautiful.


aweseome photo of awesome buildings. I have never seen buildings shapped like this, of course in florida we don't have many tall buildings at all because of the sand. this could be the background for a movie. when i watch movies I play photographer and think what i could shoot if I were there. that is what this made me think of, it is almost unreal looking.


Beautiful capture. Amazing editing, Dave! Made it appear like something out of a Sci-fi movie. :)


Mr. Dave, Superb, Magnificent!!!


Great composition and those clouds are wonderful.


I expect one of those buildings to lift off at any moment. Definitely reminds me of something out of a science fiction movie.


wow... you made it look futuristic with the effects.


Interesting perspective of London.

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