I am a 42-year old husband and father. I was an avid computer gamer and DOF, F-stops and the like were foreign to me until my wife introduced me to photography.

I began shooting during the latter part of March 2010 and quickly became addicted to it. I started this blog to share my journey and to learn along the way. Special thanks to my wife Eng who encouraged me and to all my friends in Blogosphere who shared their knowledge and taught me to further this craft.

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the cottage

i would like to take this opportunity to thank Scott of Finding Another View for featuring me as a Guest Photographer on his popular photoblog.

thank you Scott and more power to you.



This is friggin AWESOME! I love the colors


Perfection, wonderful light.


What a treat. Looks like a painting for a picture post card. I'm glad to have you as the featured guest photographer, your work is a joy to look at.


Such a quintessential English scene - lovely photo. I shall enjoy following your blog (thanks Scott).


Congratulations, Dave! You truly deserve it!
I would like to be there, in the photo...:)


I have seen through your blog and you are definitely an artist with your cam:)
Best regards Mette North Norway

Lisergic Synaesthesiae

Greatly performed hdr,
like this fairy atmosphere you reached.

And Miles To Go...

wow, gorgeous! LOVE the roof line! What is it made of?

T. Becque

Gosh is this real?! It looks like a fairytale - captivating.


Simply lovely, Dave! Love the depth on this one. Gave it an ethereal effect. :)


and i will thank scott for directing me here. your photos are phenomial and spectacular and have me beyond speechless and not knowing what to say.


Congratulations for being featured in another Blogger's blog. I am so happy for you. You deserve it.


Lovely little cottage. Wonderful blog, as usual.


Congratulations on the mention of Scott's blog. I'm so happy for you! You deserve all the attention you can get! ♥


So pretty!!!

See my Wordless eWdnesday entry here and add your link!


Wow, gorgeous image and a pretty cottage. The sky is awesome. Well done, Dave!


I'm just loving it ... looks like out of a fairytale ... full of secret and mystery ...


Despite the ominous clouds, the colours of and around the cottage are so sweet and fairytale-like.


It looks like a fairy tale cottage. Beautiful!


In awe of your stunning site, I thank Scott for guiding me to your artful blog. You indeed have a gifted eye.

BraCom (Bram)

Just Stunning Dave!!

Have a great weekend, Bram

Photo Cache

I'd love to live here. Well, maybe I can just hang that photo on my wall.

I love that scene.



What a lovely cottage! Idyllic.

Diana (Di)

Oh my! Like a wonderful painting in its balance, color, harmony, texture... you take us to another place.

Thanks to Scott for bringing this to our attention.


This is such a quintessentially English picture. (Please don't tell me it's been taken in France.)
Lovely colors. Very sweet cottage.


This is so wonderful and you are a artist Dave!!
Wish you a blessed weekend:-)


I could totally live there blissfully for the rest of my life. That is so, so pretty! And by the way, congrats on your guest post on Scott's blog. Way to go!


This one reminds of of Thomas Kinkade's work.

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