I am a 42-year old husband and father. I was an avid computer gamer and DOF, F-stops and the like were foreign to me until my wife introduced me to photography.

I began shooting during the latter part of March 2010 and quickly became addicted to it. I started this blog to share my journey and to learn along the way. Special thanks to my wife Eng who encouraged me and to all my friends in Blogosphere who shared their knowledge and taught me to further this craft.

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an accidental photographer

why an accidental photographer? here is my story.



Did I read that right? You've only been shooting since MARCH???

You have an incredible gift and a HUGE amount of natural talent my friend. How lucky for us all that you found it.

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Dave! I'm shocked! Seriously March 2010? Not a typo? You are very talented. Aren't you glad you discovered this talent?
I've found out I love photography only last year (and thought: given enough years I'll be as good as Dave. Very disillusioned now!) and since yesterday I am the proud owner of my first tripod ever!

And I'm glad I've 'met' you in Blogland ;-)


Hi, back again. Just read your complete profile. You are a nerd! Yes you are! ;-)

I couldn't understand a word from the manual that came with my Canon EOS 40D, could have been written in Russian, one of the few languages I don't speak, until I did a photography course for beginners.
So I'm very impressed dear Dave. Very impressed!


@Robin, Carolina.

yes, this March. as i've mentioned i had no time for anything else but PC games.

thanks to my wife, all has changed.

Stacey Dawn

congratulations on learning something so fast! Awesome work!


Your wife has a lovely blog! And you learn so fast!


I can't beleive you just started your photography in March, I thought you were a professioanl that just started blogging. your photos are wonderful. I went to Eng's blog and could not find a way to comment. tell her i think her photos are absolutly stunning, especailly the Psychedelic shoes. she has an eye for bright colors and compossiton. the two of you make quite a pair. i saw and adorable little girl on her side bar, am thinking it might be your little girl. she is precious.


How nice to know a little bit about you! I must say, you are a quick learner :) So many times I wanted to leave a comment on your wifes blog! Please give her my compliments (hope that is correct to say) She is an excellent photographer. :)


Good grief, I've been photographing for donkey's years! Well done. I need to get myself a REAL camera. Happy Sunday evening.


Yep, you're hooked~! We're all better photographers for having met you, Dave.


Well do thank your wife for us, won't you?

Because damn. I've been doing this for years and...
Maybe I should read the same books you do.


I'm astonished too - you learn fast! It's a compelling hobby, that's for sure. You do make some lovely images - I enjoy visiting your blog.


So glad you picked up the camera! I love your wife's photos too.

Ashley Sisk

I seriously had no idea you were so new to photography...now I'm even more amazed! You rock Dave.

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Dave: You suck! (Just kidding!!) But hey, I have been playing in photography for 35 years. Had a couple magazine covers, newspaper photos published every now and then but you have a natural talent dude. Well beyond what most of the good photographers on here can do. It is not just talent either, it is vision. To get results that you do from the images you take are beyond book learning.

And your wife is Eng!?! She is an awesome photographer too! I love how she likes to work light and control the environment to squeeze all the visual fun she can out of a setting. So, she is really where the talent is, right? Eng tells you what to do, hand holding you every step? :-) I love Eng's work and have been watching her work for a while, longer than you.

Which brings up a point that others have made, can you talk her into having comments turned on for her blog? I do go and comment on picasa or flickr, but she would get the encouragement and "comment reward" she deserves here if she did so.

Glad to have you on the photo side of geekdom. I'm not a gamer but build PC's, used to write software, now just a power user and teacher. If you or your lovely wife have any marketing skills, you two will kill in the photography industry as pros.

Take care,

T. Becque

I just don't know what to say. You said you were new to photography, but somehow I wasn't thinking 6 months new. Your images do not reflect your time in this field. My friend, you have a true gift and eye for this, imagine what you'll be doing in a couple of years!


I've just visited Eng's blog and it is wonderful. Her photos are just gorgeous and what she writes is so... sweet! And I agree, she should make commenting on her blog available ;-)
I think I'll be moving to Poole. There must be something in the air there that makes people very nice and incredibly talented ;-)


you are one great photographer I must say. i've read your story in the blog profile before seeing this post. :)
when you're done with the magazines and books, throw it away on me. hehehe!
btw, thanks for visiting and answering my querry. i'd love to learn HDR photography! ;)


What a journey you have made Dave! On so short time? Amazing! Incredible!
No wonder I consider you as my master! *LOL*


I love the pile of books and magazines. It's a too familiar tale. My wife has me moving them out of the way too often.


I visited your wife's blog, but can't find where to leave a comment! Am I overlooking it or does she have comments turned off?


wow ... looks like a total profi ... congratulations! perhaps you are interested in Gabi von Gans, professional photographer in Canada ... greetings from kri


all i can say it that, you already got it with you. i am talking about the talent. you may call yourself accidental photographer but just looking at your photos... i think it's a natural thing with you.


Great group of photos. I especially like you truck photos.


You have come a long way in a very short time. A sort of photography "big brother" I look up to. I hope to move on to an SLR too, as soon as Narelle is old enough to be less of a swat risk ;-)


Go for it Dave. I can see you are both talented.
And so more back home.
Cheers and regards.

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