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before and after # 9 - my girl

as usual mouse-over the image to view the unedited one. please give a bit more time to download the other image.

my 7 year old daughter woke me up this morning, i asked her: "what's the problem?", and she answered: "Daddy, when are you gonna buy me a make-up kit?".

it struck me that my little girl is not a baby any more, i made this video 3 years ago knowing that this day will come.

she is the love of my life really, after 10 years of trying and virtually giving up to have a child, she decided to come into our lives and made us a family.

turn on your audio and enjoy!



What a beautiful film, and your daughter is such a sweet little girl :) Ps, thank you for your nice comment :)


she is abosolutely beautiful. the light shining on her is so soft and it says love, your love. the movie is priceless, so many good photos and that big smile of hers is gorgeous. photos are truly the pilot light of memories and this will light her memories in the future. truly a doll baby, 7 going on 20, watch out daddy for the boys that will soon flock to her.

Rachel Roushey

Beautiful edit! I love how soft you made the photo look.

Tammie Lee

that is awesome how you show us the unedited and edited version.

Obviously you love your daughter very much, such a lucky family!


Dave, I cant even begin to tell you what a beautiful little one you have that God has blessed you with..You have been so blessed. After loosing four babies I never did have any.
I do have two children choosen by God for us.
I love the film..and the photo at the top . The film I loved and is priceless. Thank you for sharing.


Dave...This was such a touching video from start to finish, beautifully put together with love and adoration. You, your beautiful, and little Patricia Ysabelle make a lovely family portrait. The way you put the film together with it interesting screens was wonderful to watch. The photo of her at the beginninb of this post is heavenly , and I loved being able to put the mouse over it to see the original. I do not think I will ever forget this one. It touched my heart. g


Great lighting and a beautiful child. Enjoy them every day,they grow up fast.

T. Becque

I like what you did to the photo, definitely fills it with softness and mood. I know how you feel - it goes too fast (mine is six) and the love you have for them produces this ache that never lessens.


If she's the love of your life I bet she's going to have to wait for her make up. Wonderful, innocent, beautiful, dreamy, sweet shot.


Beautiful work Dave with the photo before and after:)/Maria


Beautiful work Dave with the photo before and after:)/Maria

Johanna S

Beautiful !!! It really touched med =). What a sweet sweet girl and so very loved!
Have a beautiful day!


The film is priceless. She will truly cherish it as the years go by.

Mama Zen

Oh, this made me cry! I have one the same age.

You have a truly beautiful little girl.

Blondie's Abode

Very nice film! I love your edit! You really made your little girl shine.


dear Dave, your film is so lovely, I really enjoy it very much ... I am sure you are the very best father for your lovely daughter and I do hope you are successful in showing her the beauties of life! greetings from kri


Love the edit! Beautiful.


Oh, this is so lovely. Your editing has put feeling and emotion into this image of your beautiful daughter. She is precious and your image is out of this world!!!!!


Oh oh.. such a very good videofilm you've made here!! Your daughter is very beautiful, you are all a beautiful family, I think. I hope the best to your daughter and her future! :)


Sweet, charming girl! I wish happiness to all the family! Daddy and daughter - this is a special kind of love...:) Such a moving video!


beautiful! :)wonderful video too :)


Your edit gives a really neat feel to this shot!

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