I am a 42-year old husband and father. I was an avid computer gamer and DOF, F-stops and the like were foreign to me until my wife introduced me to photography.

I began shooting during the latter part of March 2010 and quickly became addicted to it. I started this blog to share my journey and to learn along the way. Special thanks to my wife Eng who encouraged me and to all my friends in Blogosphere who shared their knowledge and taught me to further this craft.

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what lies beyond?


Rosie @ Centre of Interest

somewhere relaxing I hope with some comfy chairs and a nice view. Just look at that dramatic sky of yours! Great photo.


Wonderful photo! Great dramatic sky and jepp I wonder what`s on the other side..:-)


Wow cool title. I wonder what's beyond.
Its awesome!


I'm betting on a beautiful park full of lush green lawns, shady trees, and a man selling ice cream ;).

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Dramatic clouds and an awesome composition!! Beautifully shot picture!!

Pixellicious Photos

Gwendolyn L

Great photo. Wonderful perspective. I like the beautiful colors as well. Thanks for sharing.

Sylvia K

A gorgeous capture as always! And, yes, where does it lead? Such fantastic skies and clouds and colors! Enjoy your weekend!


Torsdag 1952

Nice composition and colours.


Scotty Graham

another great one, Dave...you are on a roll, buddy!


Looove iiit! Wonderful sky!!!


Beautiful skies, and where does that bridge lead?
"The Other Side"

Carolyn Ford

It doesn't matter...I could be very happy just being on the bridge! How beautiful this is!

Photo Cache

excellent - feels like coming from a dream sequence.

my sky is at http://ewok1993.wordpress.com


A great pic and loving the old stone bridge almost out of shot next to this very appealing modern one leading to where....?


Wow, dave. I love bridge photos. And your photos are always so flawless!


i love bridge shots. and this one is awesome.

Happy SW Friday!

Dancin' Fool

That's fabulous! So much movement, I feel like I am running over the bridge just looking at it.


A bridge over troubled water - or a canal, anyway . . . perhaps.


Another cool perspective!


Great perspective. And to answer your question - you never know, that's the great thing about life!

BraCom (Bram)

Beautiful composition and colors


Cool picture !!!
Me like :)
Have a nice weekend !


Great shot. Beautifully composed. Love it.


awesome perspective Dave!!


Awesome perspective and greate composed!


Dave, fantastic image, well done! What does lay beyond?


WOW! The bridge is like the Japanese bullet train speeding into the heart of the picture.


Full of mystery. Beautiful.


I feel like I'm looking in one of those crazy mirrors in the fun house at the carnival! Do I see an old stone bridge on the right?


Awesome perspective! The sky is beautiful but the bridge makes it spectacular!


great composition. another winner.

Patty Reiser

This is an awesome photograph. The bridge draws you in and beyond and the sky is just as eyecatching. Where can this bridge be found?


I love the delicious way my eye is taken across the bridge to that wonderful sky.

J Bar

Such an awesome shot.


Beautiful! Love the color on the sky!

T. Becque

Fantastic lines! I like that you shot this off to the side (not centered), adds so much appeal to the image.

Greyscale Territory

A very artistic bridge perspective! Wonderful shot!


I have the feeling I'm going to fly off any second!... Up is this magic sky, beyond - a dried -up river...


Beautiful shot! I love the perspective and the feeling of movement.


Powerful shot. Very dramatic. Love the effect that you brought into the picture.

Have a nice day.


oh wow! great shot! i love the composition and the light effect. happy weekend!


That is one of the most stunning scenes I ever saw. No doubt you have a wonderful camera and very talented to capture a shot like this. I truly enjoyed seeing this.

Sallie (FullTime-Life)

Very nice DAve -- does make me want to go exploring to see what's on the other side!


Great angle on the bridge, even more striking than the pretty sky...


your picture makes my heart beat so fast, it is just very beautiful!


my son will want to run across the bridge. The clouds are so beautiful. My little camera can't take photos like yours.


clever photo - makes me dizzy!


We have the same brights in our town!
your photo is wonderful!
Great job!


An excellent question and a very dynamic photo!

BraCom (Bram)

beautiful PoV,
and stunning colors very good photo


Cai - weekdayphotos.com

Beautiful photo, like the colors!


a great capture and a wonderfull Sky and colors.

Johanna S

Wow from this angle it looks like ride on a rollercoaster - great picture - great colors!


That's a little funky fun!

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